Successful robotics projects require expertise in:

  • Machine Vision
  • Software
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • PLC Controls

Crave Technical has 8 years of proven expertise in all of these areaS.

Crave Technical has developed projects using Industrial, COBOT, and SCARA Robots.
Crave Technical’s areas of specialization in Robotics include:

Machine Tending

These applications generally involve Cobots that allow people to work side by side a Robot without the risks associated with Industrial Robots. These applications are quickly replacing many routine tasks where people experience mental and physical fatigue with loss in productivity and health problems.


With the growth of ecommerce high velocity pick and packing, Robots have enabled existing warehouse workers to be more productive and increase packing and shipping accuracy.
Standard multipurpose robot and cardboard boxes

vision-guided robotics

Many systems require machine vision technology to tell the robot which product to pick, where to place a part, and which object gets rejected and taken off the line. The Crave Technical AutoBox is becoming an important part of a Robotic system by offering both PC and PLC control for cameras, motion, physical I/O, and many other uses


Crave Technical has been a critical part in the manufacture of a Automated Pharmaceutical dispensing system by RX XXX. This system uses state of the art robots, vision technology, and automation equipment.

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