Crave Technical (formally Crandall Engineering, LLC) celebrates 8 years of providing customers with machine vision, robotic, and automation solutions that provide a proven ROI and customer satisfaction. Based on record sales and growth in new technology areas, Crandall decided an update of their name to Crave Technical was appropriate. Crave Technical now looks forward to providing you with the same great service and automation solutions that we have provided in the past with some new products and new additions to our growing team!!!

Crave Technical introduces

The AutoBox 1000/2000

The ultimate PC/PLC controller for Machine Vision Applications. Includes: MVTec Halcon Vision software, Beckhoff PC/PLC, The Crave Technical Integration Platform and the ability to incorporate a wide variety of cameras and lighting systems. See us in the MVTec booth at Automate 2019 in Chicago!

Machine Vision Systems

Crave Technical, in combination with MVTEc’s Vision Software, sets the standard for performance and ease of use. With the addition of the leading camera, lighting, and Crave Technical’s new line of Autobox PC/PLC controllers we have developed challenging applications in 1D/2D Bar-Code Reading, Defect Inspection and Vision-Guided Robotics.


We have found that projects in Robotics require experience in Machine Vision, Engineering, and Automation technologies. We have the engineering team that meets these challenges everyday and develops powerful solutions that create value and meets our customers’ budgetary requirements. Our success has included projects in: Pharmacy automation, warehouse pick/pack and automated product labeling.


We pride ourselves in hiring the best engineering talent, whether Mechanical, Electrical, or Safety. Call us today regarding your project and we’re confident that you will be impressed with the hands-on experience and knowledge our engineers can bring to your project. Our engineers have successfully tackled projects in: Control panel design, custom machine vision fixtures, and safety analysis.


Our proven methodology in analyzing your current processes and proving a step- by-step strategy to define the value (ROI) of your Automation project guarantees a successful result and a positive impact on your company’s bottom line.
We have proven success stories in Robotics parts detection systems, PLC conveyor control, and developing PC/PLC data analysis systems to monitor and impact manufacturing processes.