Crave Technical’s ROI Guided Automation Process.
We have over 8 years of proven Automation Expertise!

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With 8 years of Automation expertise with Machine Vision, Robotics, and PC/PLC’s applications, Crave Technical has developed a seven-step process to help our customers define their project, establish clear goals and expectations, and ultimately achieve the ROI they expected. Our team at Crave Technical is experienced and prepared to help you achieve success with your next automation project.
Our ROI process looks at current manpower utilization pre and post the automation project. We look at the number of months to break even on the investment and also the long-term savings.

1. Identify and define current process
2. Map current business process
3. Establish team/stakeholders
4. Create a requirements analysis and ROI on specific improvements
5. Agree on conceptual design and system configuration
6. Create a clearly defined SOW
7. Sign Agreement, Hit Start button, and begin improving your bottom line with Crave Technical!

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