Specialty Areas:

Crave Technical maintains certified engineers on staff to handle any technical or application challenge. Almost every automation project we are contracted for requires a combination of engineers to ensure success. Our team works together to problem solve and strategize on projects to produce efficient and cost-effective applications for our customers.


Functional Safety

At Crandall Engineering, we believe that safety should never be optional. We also firmly believe that a well designed safety system improves productivity. That’s why we offer complete safety engineering services, including:

  • Risk assessment & hazard identification
  • Design & development of safety systems
  • Validation of safety systems
  • Training in Functional Safety

Our engineers can work with you to satisfy the ISO and OSHA requirements, as well as instill confidence that your machine or process is as safe as possible


Our principal engineer maintains a certification from TÜV Rheinland as a Functional Safety Engineer, which means we are perfectly qualified to assist you in all aspects of your safety project


Our engineering team includes degreed Electrical Engineers. We design machine control systems to UL508, NFPA-79, CSA 22.2 and IEC 60204. With our Autobox 1000/2000 we are capable of providing a variety of I/O for cameras, lighting systems, control relays, and safety equipment. Large or small, we treat every project we work on with professionalism and safety in mind.


With skilled Mechanical Engineers (ME’s) on staff we are often designing custom fixtures for Vision and Robotics Systems. In both cases the need for precision is demanded and we have many successful implementations where we have used creativity and resourcefulness to accomplish the customer’s goals. Part of our Mechanical Engineering capabilities is with Motion Control. Crave Technical specializes in specifying motion control, including motors, gear heads, drives and software. Partner with us to right-size your next motion-control application. We have designed products for pharmaceutical, e-commerce, inspection stations, and robotic part placement.